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Downloading and Installing Transkribus eXpert (deprecated)

The Transkribus eXpert is the desktop version of Transkribus.

Please note that Transkribus eXpert (desktop software) is no longer being updated, and all new features will be exclusively available on the Transkribus web app.


Transkribus eXpert is written in Java. You need a Java JDK version 11 or higher installed on your computer for Transkribus eXpert to work.
We recommend installing the latest JDK from here (If you need to check your Java version, read more here).

After checking you have the correct Java version installed, download the ZIP file of Transkribus eXpert here.

After download, you see the ZIP File in the download directory of your computer. Unzip the file before you try to start Transkribus.

Open the Transkribus directory. There you will find the executable files for your operating system. Start Transkribus from your user interface via doubleclick:

  • Windows: Transkribus.bat or use Transkribus.exe
  • Mac OS – Apple: Transkribus.command
  • Linux: Transkribus.sh