4. Credit Usage

Credits are needed for Text and Layout Recognition, the credit consumption is based on the type of recognition and material (handwritten or printed).

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Text Recognition and Layout Recognition is an intense computing task, and its operation and maintenance mean costs for us.

The Transkribus Plans page explains in detail all the information about plans and pricing. 


Credit Usage is based on:

1. the type of recognition

Text Recognition 1 Credit
Lines Recognition 0.25 Credits
Fields Recognition 1 Credit
Tables Recognition 1 Credit


2. the type of material

Handwritten Text + Lines 1 Credit
Printed Text + Lines  0.5 Credits


Remember that when you sign up with Transkribus, you get 100 free credits per month for text recognition, which you can use to do some testing and start your project. If you need more than 100 free credits, or if you want to use field and table recognition, take a look at our pricing plans to increase your available monthly credits to 200, 300 or more! 

Moreover, training AI models, using Transkribus for manually transcribing, data upload and download remains free.

To view your remaining credits, click on your user profile in the top right corner and go to "Usage".

If you are a BA, MA or PhD student or plan to teach Transkribus, you can apply for the Transkribus Scholarship Programme and get free credits for your project. Encouraging and supporting future scholars researching historical documents is one of our core values!

The Managing Credits page explains in detail how to manage your credits in Transkribus.