4. Sites: Multilingual Support

Increase your Transkribus Site's international reach by incorporating multilingual support, allowing visitors to explore content in multiple languages.


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Implementing Multilingual Support

Setting Up Multiple Languages

  • Add Languages: In the 'General settings' menu, navigate to 'Available languages' and choose the languages that best suit your audience from the list provided to ensure inclusivity and reach a wider range of users. Don't forget to save your changes. 

Translating Content

  • Access Translation Settings: Click on the 'Set translations' button in the settings menu to further customise your translation options. In your selected language, you can directly update content within various sections such as the homepage, About page, and other custom areas by inputting the translation of the 'Key' to its corresponding 'Value'.
    You also have the option to manually add Key-Value pairs and translate them accordingly.

  • Language Toggle: Use the language toggle located at the top right corner of your site to switch between languages effortlessly.

Previewing Translations

  • Immediate Preview: As changes are applied, you can instantly preview how your Site appears in the selected language to ensure that the content flows coherently and the layout is maintained across languages.

Customising User Interface Texts

  • UI Translation: It's crucial to translate all user interface texts to offer a fully localised browsing experience. Ensure that the UI text translations remain consistent with the tone and terminology used throughout your site to avoid confusion.

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